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  1. Barry Graynor’s compilation is a wonderful overview of the path Renato took as an artist. Clearly showing a homage to Latin masters of abstract art, Renato’s use of vivid colors and intricate patterns is a distinctive and reflects the joy with which he reflects life.

    • This is a beautiful book. I worked for Barry and know how much Renato meant to him. It is a wonderful tribute.

  2. I absolutely loved leafing through this book. What a loving tribute to celebrate Renato’s life and his work. I only wish I could have met the man. I had no idea that he was so prolific. Well done!

  3. “The Drawings and Paintings of Rene Martinez Pena” by Barry Graynor is a beautiful and remarkable book.
    Using wonderful photos and stunning prose, the book begins by summarizing elegantly Rene’s/Renato’s life and influences. Then there is the art — page after page of Renato’s extraordinary art, all fabulously reproduced. With its strong Cuban influence, Renato’s paintings and drawings are so vibrant, original and enchanting. To have Renato’s work collected and combined in one book is a joy to behold and a valuable addition to the art world.
    The book ends perfectly with a section entitled “About Renato by Family and Friends.” The splendid testaments to Renato contained in this section are moving and heartwarming. Renato and his art meant so much to so many people.
    Through this tremendous and heartfelt book by Barry Graynor, Renato and his art will be celebrated justly and forever.
    I recommend this book very highly.

  4. What a fascinating book! I knew Renato a bit and Barry much better so I’d been exposed to Renato’s unique style for many years. However, I found the historical line up of Renato’s work, Renato’s life story and Barry’s descriptions to be instructive, with each aspect informing the others. It is proudly displayed on my living room table — a super conversation piece as it surely demands attention and reaction, like all great art! Nice work, Barry!

  5. I have had the pleasure and honor of browsing through this book over 3 times, have truly enjoyed the Art and learning more about Renato and Barry. What a great tribute. MAZEL MAZEL

  6. It’s with limitless imagination along with an unending color sense that Renato was able to captivate and enchant with his art. This fabulously designed, printed and presented book truly gives anyone familiar or unfamiliar with his fantasy art an in-depth feeling for this remarkable man. The book is a treasure that I have been thrilled with since first acquiring my copy. Thank you for making this valuable addition to the world of art available to all.

  7. This is a beautiful book and tribute to Renato. The book is gorgeous, an amazing collection of Renato’s work. Barry’s thoughtful words that accompany the art honor each piece and the artist with love and respect. It is fantastic to have all of Renato’s work collected in this book, it is a visual feast.
    I am so glad Barry created this compilation of Renato’s work, it is wonderful to remember Renato and his bright and kind spirit every time I see the book on our coffee table.

  8. I met Renato through Barry Graynor. I enjoyed his company and found him to be unique, sensitive, very gifted and a passionate individual. The first time I saw some of Renato’s paintings, I was amazed by the variety and depth of his works. I purchased several of his paintings over the years and they have brought me great joy. Renato had a way of incorporating a part of himself into his paintings so I feel his presence whenever I look at them.

  9. Such a wonderful book! A heartfelt tribute to a very unique man and artist The book is so alive with Renato’s creations and Barry’s wonderful prose Everything in this book is so spectacularly beautiful The spirit of Renato and Barry’s love keeps going on A treasure to have Thank you Barry for doing this

  10. I am very proud to have known Renato and am the owner of some of his original works. Barry has created the perfect compendium and tribute to this talented and prolific artist. I will treasure this book always. Congratulations.

  11. Congratulations, Barry, on this beautiful book. I’m greatly impressed with how it turned out––and honored to have been involved in its production. Previously I was familiar with many of Renato’s later paintings, but it wasn’t until after his death that I came to appreciate the full scope of his work. In particular, when you showed me the large portfolio of his drawings, I was astonished by their great variety and fantastic originality, and I began to understand Renato’s art in a new way. And my appreciation of it continued to grow as I worked with you on planning and producing the book. Thanks for introducing me to the extraordinary art of Renato! Paul

  12. This is a lovely book about a lovely man who saw beauty in the world and painted it on canvas for everyone to see.

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